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February 28, 2017

2:00p - 4:30p

Clark Construction

7500 Old Georgetown Road

Bethesda, MD 20814



Achieving a High Performance Air Barrier System

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SESSION ONE:  Managing Project Specific Details:  Real-Time Collaboration Between the Design Professional and Product Specialists

Presented by: Mr. Guy Long, Prosoco, Technical Specialist


Course Description:


ABAA is constantly receiving requests for more information about detailing.  ABAA recently issued an FAQ that states: 


"The general contractor and subcontractors are responsible for providing project specific shop drawings that include manufacturer input.  All details relevant to the project should be provided including, but not limited to, intersections with other envelope assemblies, details showing how gaps in the construction will be bridged, inside and outside corner transitions, how claddings are secured with the air-tightness maintained, and how miscellaneous penetrations such as conduits, pipes, electric boxes and other items are sealed.  The shop drawings need to be reviewed and coordinated with related trades reflect the sequencing of construction."


Manufacturer standard details can be used as shop drawings when they mimic the jobsite conditions. 


Howere the manufacturer standard details do not mimic the jobsite conditions, they are to be modified by the contractor with input by the manufacturer, to replicate project‐specific conditions."


This presentation shows how designers, consultants and contractors can work with specialists to obtain shop drawings that optimize the use of fluid-applied detailing products and assure a durable air-tight and waterproof building envelope.


Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how architectural drawings are sometimes lacking in structure amenable to waterproofing and air-barrier detailing.

  • Demonstrate how simple modifications can greatly enhance constructability and detailing to prevent water intrusion and air leakage.

  • Show how to draw air / water barrier details to facilitate use of fluid-applied products rather than self-adhered membranes and building wrap.

  • Explain how to work with manufacturers to optimize preparation of details for implementation by contractors.


Presenter Biography: Mr. Guy Long, Prosoco, Technical Specialist

A waterproofing specialist, Guy Long has almost 40 years construction industry experience. He has worked hands-on and as a design- and waterproofing-consultant on projects throughout the Eastern Seaboard. An active member of the Construction Specifications Institute, Guy has served on the Greater Orlando Chapter’s board of directors, and as president from 1996 to 1998. 

SESSION TWO:  Achieving a High Performance Air Barrier System - Proper Design, Installation and Field Quality Control

Presented by: Mr. Laverne Dalgleish, Air Barrier Association of America

Course Description:


Air Barriers are an extremely important component of a high performance building enclosure system.  For the most part, these systems are non-maintainable components and repairs can typically only be made with the removal of the exterior cladding system.  To ensure a performing system, proper design, detailing and ultimately the proper installation of these systems is extremely important.  You have one chance to get it right.   Come learn about important design considerations, how to properly detail critical interfaces, key items to include in your specifications and the proper installation techniques, quality control and testing parameters for a variety of air barrier systems in use today.


Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how air barriers are part of a high performance building and how they control air movement, moisture movement, improve insulation performance and reduce energy needs of buildings

  • Review key design considerations, critical interfaces for continuity, material performance requirements and specification language for the proper design and selection of the air barrier assembly

  • Identify the typical installation requirements of a variety of air barrier materials and assemblies and common installation issues observed in the field

  • Discuss the importance of proper construction sequencing, coordination of sub-trades, testing and inspection criteria and how to identify installation defects and remedial action required during the construction phase


Presenter Biography: Mr. Laverne Dalgleish, Air Barrier Association of America

Mr. Laverne Dalgleish is the Executive Director of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA). As such, he works to champion energy conservation in buildings while educating the building owners and designers about the benefits of energy conservation such as durability, comfort, reduced maintenance, reduced HVAC equipment costs and the positive impact on the environment.

Mr. Dalgleish travels North America on a weekly basis to educate building owners and designers on the benefits of effective and working air barrier systems in buildings. This education mission includes working with standards development organizations, training and education groups, government policy departments, and quality assurance program developers for the construction industry. Mr. Dalgleish is the Secretariat of two ISO Committees, ISO TC61 SC10 Cellular Plastics and ISO TC163 SC3 Thermal Insulation Products. He is also Chair of the ULC Thermal Performance in the Building Environment Standards Committee.

Mr. Dalgleish was the key developer of the ABAA Quality Assurance Program for the installation of air barrier systems in buildings. This program is based on ISO9000 and ISO 12576-2 but brings the ISO requirements together with practical applications for the air barrier industry.

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Organized by: BEC-DC

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