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24 Octoberber 2017

6:00pm - 8:00pm


Quinn Evans Architects

2121 Ward Place NW
Washington, D.C. 20037

Building in Tight Spaces

Presented by:

  Sam Brooke - Ayers Saint Gross
  Mat Daw - Keast & Hood
  Ben Eitan - Clark Construction
  Wendy Talarico - WR Meadows

Hosted by: Quinn Evans Architects

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Erecting new buildings in urban settings brings challenges not faced in open areas. Just managing logistics is complex with rush-hour traffic, subways, and sidewalks full of people. Collaboration makes project partners of architects, manufacturers, contractors, neighbors and local government. Using case studies, AIA|DC’s Building Enclosure Council will cover issues such as building material choices, maximizing site usage, creating waterproof foundations with no room to excavate, monitoring surrounding buildings, archaeological finds, and environmental factors. Participants will also learn about construction coordination, cranes, laydowns, hostile neighbors, and other logistics.

Learning Objectives:​

  • Discuss methods for minimizing site disturbance and impact on adjacent properties when building in tight spaces;

  • Evaluate different construction stages involved in stabilizing adjacent buildings, dewatering, excavating, and bringing materials to the site;

  • Discuss how tight lot lines and adjacencies impact choices of materials and systems—including fireproofing and acoustic concerns; and

  • Examine foundation design and products that will effectively waterproof

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