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25 September 2017

6:30pm - 8:00pm


District Architecture Center

421 7th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20004

Breaching the Air Barrier – Effective Solutions for Sealing Post Air Barrier Penetrations

Presented by Marty Fischer, Principal, PPSI

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Air Barriers have become a critical element of the building envelop in maintaining a complete, integrated plane of water and air tightness.  After completion of the air barrier, the commercial project is challenged by the attachment of a multitude of cladding materials and subframing members that now breach our beautiful plane of water/air tightness.  This has been further complicated with the recent code improvements calling for continuous insulation on all light gauge metal framed buildings.  The program will focus on the many options for masonry ties, rainscreen cladding subframing systems and insulation attachment methods and their impact on the air barrier performance.

Marty Fischer is a principal in PPSI, a 31 year old rep agency focused on moisture protection of the Building Envelop.   Marty is focused on wall assemblies with a strong emphasis on Rainscreen Cladding, Masonry flashing/ties, Air Barriers and Cavity Wall Insulation Strategies to support the Design and Consulting community.  PPSI has played an important role in the early development of Air Barriers and Assemblies in the DC market dating back over 20 years.  Our breadth of product representation has exposed us to evaluation of materials and assemblies understanding the balance of properties and integration of materials to build high performance walls.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the performance and impact of any post Air Barrier installation attachment systems by other trades and managing the risk by proper selection and detailing of the breach.

  • Describe the impact of Continuous Insulation and the attachment methods for various insulation technologies.

  • List the criteria and relative importance with selection of subframing systems for Rainscreen Cladding assemblies and the balance of properties achieved with various approaches.

  • Integrate quality membranes, good transition strip detailing, effective seals at penetrations, Continuous Insulation, and proper attachment of our Cladding materials.

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