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27 April 2017

6:00pm - 8:00pm


WSP's Office

1300 17th St N, Ste 1000

Arlington, VA 22209


Credits: 1.0 HSW/LU


Demystifying Green Roof Stormwater BMP

Presented by Oscar Warmerdam (Sempergreen)

Washington D.C. requires Stormwater BMPs and a minimum amount of green space through Green Area Ratio. Many designers remain confused about these regulations, though, since the rules change regularly and lots of suppliers offer too many new solutions.

A green roof has multiple design parties involved; the civil engineer, the architect, the landscape architect, and the roof manufacturer offering a single source warranty as desired by the owner. To make matters worse, there is a general contractor that has installation schedules that are often at odds with plant availability and planting schedules. How do we get all their concerns aligned so we all get fewer calls, there are fewer mistakes made, and the results comply, cost the least amount of money, and cost the least amount of money to maintain?

Join AIA|DC’s Building Enclosure Council to explore solutions to these confusing and ongoing issues.

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Organized by: BEC-DC


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