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8 June 2017

1:00pm - 4:00pm


International Masonry Institute Training Center

17101 Science Dr

Bowie, MD 20715

Building Enclosure Workshop: Part 2

Presented by The International Masonry Institute

Join the Building Enclosure Council for an afternoon workshop with hands-on training at the International Masonry Institute. During the workshop, instructors will review four mock ups focusing on critical tie-ins at windows and parapets, restoration of steel lintels, and steel framed masonry structures.


Discussion will also focus on the installation of air and vapor barriers, flashings at openings and roofs, as well as critical tie-in details and transitions between each of the systems. This workshop is Part 2 of a two-part series of workshops focusing on the detailing of critical components of the exterior wall assembly. The focus in Part 2 is on the detailing of critical components of the upper portions of the exterior wall assembly.

Please note that this is a warehouse/workshop facility, so appropriate dress is recommended. While hard hats are not required, PPE (i.e. gloves and safety glasses) will be provided by IMI. No scaffolding will be required for interaction with mock ups. Free parking and light refreshments provided.


Learning Objectives - After attending this course participants will be able to:


  1. Identify best practices for detailing critical tie-ins between building envelope systems;

  2. Discuss the challenges of restoring steel members within existing building envelopes;

  3. Describe the various components that make up a masonry cavity wall system; and

  4. Summarize proper installation techniques for various building envelope components.


Please click here to register and receive your CEU's.


Co-Hosted with BEC-Baltimore.


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